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Prices subject to change without notice.


2 Days/1 Night

Lv: Memphis, TN  - 12:01 AM
Ar:  Atlanta, GA - 9:00 AM
Overnight Lodging
- will advise

1st Day 
With Georgia on our minds and a filling breakfast under our belts, it's on to Six Flags for a day of fun!  Six Flags Over Georgia, a 276-acre entertainment park, features six sections, representing the state's history under the rule of Spain, Frances, England, Republic of Georgia, the Confederacy and the United States.  There are over 100 adventures, rides, attractions, and shows, including the log flue, a puppet show with life-size dolls, and two Astrolife sky rides that give a bird's eye view of the park.  Ride one of the world's largest roller coasters and an operating railroad which features replicas of locomotive steam engines. This will be a day long remembered by all. 

2nd Day
Join us this morning for a guided tour of Atlanta.  Included on the tour are the Old Bavarian Castle, Swan House, Margaret Mitchell Square, Dr. King's Tomb and the fascinating downtown metro area.  Before departing Atlanta this afternoon, we have one final stop at Stone Mountain.  If you have the heart, climb aboard the cable car that will take you to the top of the mountain.  ENJOY!

Lv:  Atlanta, GA  - 3:00 PM
Ar: Memphis, TN  - 10:30 PM


Atlanta, Georgia

Tour Date:  Any day

Package price (per person rate): $185.00

      Package includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation via motorcoach

  • Overnight hotel accommodations

  • Admission to Six Flags Over Georgia

  • Guided tour of Atlanta

  • Stone Mountain

  • All applicable taxes and gratuities


NOTE: If your group would like another night in Atlanta to have another visit to Six Flags, add $35.00 per person to the above prices to cover the additional ticket cost and lodging.



St. Louis/Six Flags - 2 Days/1 Night

Tour Date:  Any day

Package price: Call for details 901.398.4476

      Package includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation via motorcoach

  • Overnight hotel accommodations

  • Tour of St. Louis Zoo

  • Admission to Six Flags Over Mid-America

  • Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (including tour of Museum and Arch)

  • Tour of Grant's Farm

  • All applicable taxes and gratuities


NOTE: If your group would like to spend both days at Six Flags and not go to the St. Louis Zoo, Grants Farm, or the Expansion Memorial, this tour could be altered without a price change.  A guided city tour could be added for $4.00 per person.


2 Days/1Night

Lv: Memphis, TN  - 5:00 AM
Ar: St. Louis, MO -  11:00 AM

1st Day
After lunch, we have arranged for a special tour of the world-famous St. Louis Zoo.  Next, it's on to Six Flags over Mid-America for an afternoon of non-stop fun, friends, and laughter as we explore one of America's most loved theme parks.

2nd Day
Our first stop today will be the Jefferson National Memorial, for a tour of the Museum of Western Expansion, and an impressive view of the city from the observation deck at the top of  the 630 ft. Gateway Arch.  Later this afternoon, a special tram tour of Grant's Farm is planned. Ulysses S. Grant's log cabin, a carriage house with horse-drawn vehicles, the famous Clydesdale Stallion Barn and the 281 beautiful acres of gardens are included in this tour. 

Lv:  St. Louis, MO  - 5:50 PM
Ar: Memphis, TN  - 11:30 PM

3 Days/2 Nights

Lv: Memphis, TN  - 12:01 AM
Ar: Dallas, TX -  10:00 AM

1st Day
After our arrival and check-in, it's off to a fun day at Six Flags over Texas! All the rides, shows and musical reviews are at your fingertips.  HAVE FUN!!

2nd Day
The day begins with a guided tour of Dallas and the surrounding area.  Included in the tour will be the Kennedy Memorial, School Book Depository Building, Thanksgiving Square, and the busy downtown area.  After lunch, we will spend an afternoon of interesting sightseeing and educational experiences.  The State Park houses the Dallas Museum of Natural History, the world-famous Dallas Aquarium and Science Place, and a permanent exhibit on energy, ecology and human growth. 

3rd Day
Before departing Dallas, we will tour Old City Park.  The park has 36 authentic restored building depicting the architectural and cultural history of North Central Texas. 

Lv:  Dallas, TX  - 1:00 PM
Ar: Memphis, TN  - 11:00 PM


Dallas, Texas/Six Flags

Tour Date:  Any day

Package price (per person rates based on
four persons per room): $225.00

      Package includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation via motorcoach

  • Two (2) nights hotel accommodations

  • Admission to Six Flags over Texas

  • Guided tour of Dallas

  • Touring of State Fairgrounds

  • Old City Park

  • All applicable taxes and gratuities


NOTE: If your group would like to spend both days at Six Flags and not take the city tour, this could be arranged without a price change.  


Florida/Disney World/Epcot

Tour Date:  Any day

Package price (per person rates based on
four persons per room): $395.00

      Package includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation via motorcoach

  • Two (2) nights hotel accommodations

  • Admission to Walt Disney World

  • Admission to EPCOT Center

  • All applicable taxes and gratuities


NOTE: This tour is arranged to have driver changes enroute.


1. Same options as listed in FLORIDA PLAN #1.

2.  Add Silver Springs or Sea World on the 4th day and depart for home afterwards. An extra night in Orlando will not be necessary, arrival back home would be at 6:00 AM on the 5th day.  The additional costs will be $35.00 for Silver Springs and $42.00 for Sea World



Magic Kingdom

4 Days/2 Nights
**No Overnight Stops enroute**

1st Day - Lv: Memphis, TN  - 5:00 PM
2nd Day - Ar: Orlando, FL -  11:50 AM

Two Nights Lodging - will advise

After check-in, we are ready to start our fun-filled day at Walt Disney WorldThe Magic Kingdom has more than 40 attractions and over 70 shops and restaurants to provide a full day of fun for everyone.  A few of the highlights you'll be sure not to miss are: Main Street USA, Adventure Land, and Liberty Square.  And, of course, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy are always on hand to entertain visitors.

3rd Day
They said it couldn't get better, but today we visit Disney World's EPCOT Center.  EPCOT encompasses two distinct dimensions:  Future World and World Showcase.  The educational experience of EPCOT is unparalleled by any other entertainment park, museum or energy presentation in the world.

4th Day
Lv:  Orlando, FL  - 7:00 AM
Ar: Memphis, TN  - Midnight


5 Days/3 Nights

1st Day - Lv: Memphis, TN  - 5:00 PM (CST)
(Driver changes enroute)
2nd Day - Ar: Jamestown/Williamsburg, VA - 9:00 AM (EST)

Our day will begin with a bit of flair.  Step back in time and discover the world of Pocahontas and John Smith at Jamestown.  Experience daily life in 17th century Virginia as it is portrayed by men and women dressed as colonists and Powhatan Indians.  Explore full-size reproductions of the English ships, James Fort, and a Powhatan Indian Village.  Next, a visit to Yorktown (where the troops of General George Washington defeated the British in the last major battle of the American Revolution) should begin at the Yorktown Victory Center.  Here the story of America's flight for freedom is told through evocative indoor exhibits, audio-visual programs and a military encampment on the museum grounds.  This afternoon, we will conduct our own self-guided tour of the Williamsburg area.  A bit of history right at your fingertips.  If time permits, we'll stop in and visit Williamsburg Pottery to rearrange their merchandise. You'll be amazed at the variety and quality of the wares.

3rd Day
Before departing the Williamsburg/Jamestown areas, we'll visit a few more points of interest that we are sure you'll enjoy. 
Lv: Williamsburg, VA - 1:00 PM
Ar: Washington, DC - 5:00 PM

Two Nights Lodging (will advise)

4th Day
This morning, after a good night's rest, a professional guide will join us for a half-day tour of our Nation's Capital.  Included in the many highlights will be the Capitol Building, The White House, The Supreme Court Building,  and guided tours of the Pentagon, FBI Building and numerous monuments and memorials.  This afternoon, again on our own, we begin with a comprehensive tour of the Smithsonian Institute.  The exhibits at the Smithsonian range from diamonds to dinosaurs, sculpture to satellites, and pandas to painting.  This evening, if time permits, we will end our day of discovery at the Old Post Office Pavilion.  Top off your visit to D.C. with a spectacular view of the city from the Old Post Office Clock Tower. Take the glass elevator to the 315-foot observation deck and let the National Park Service guide give you a complete tour of the tower.

5th Day
Lv: Washington, DC - 7:00 AM
Ar: Memphis, TN - Midnight


Jamestown/Williamsburg/Washington, DC

Tour Date:  Any day

Package price (per person rates based on
four persons per room): $365.00

      Package includes:

  • Complete transportation via motorcoach

  • Three (3) nights hotel accommodations

  • Guided tour of Washington, DC

  • The Smithsonian Institute

  • Tour of Jamestown

  • Tour of Yorktown, VA

  • Williamsburg Pottery

  • All applicable taxes and gratuities















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